The Vine

Vines in spring

Vines in summer

Vines in autumn

Vines in winter

The Terroirs

The winery has four different types of terroir :

On Sancerre :

Caillottes These very stony calcareous soils when washed by rain leave only a bed of flat stones visible on the surface. The variety Sauvignon is often planted on these soils.

The white soils are argilo-calcareous in character. This soil very rich in fossils has the characteristic of whitening as it dries. As it is also sticky and difficult of access when wet it is also called « fat land ».

On Pouilly-Fumé :

Siliceous clays :These are formed by white, brown or greenish clay containing pieces of flint .

Little oyster marls : more clayey and also warm up more slowly.


Pruning Guyot simple, from December to April.

Training (or tying up): june, an operation which consists in lifting up the branches between wires and separating the plants so that the raisins get more sun.

Vendanges en vert: end of August, an operation which consists in regularizing the number of raisins per vinestock by removing those that will not be ripe for the harvest.

Grape harvest : : mid-September to early October.
In our winery the grapes are harvested by machine both for Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé as well as for the Pinot Noir. This in no way reduces the quality of the wine.